If you’re unhappy with any of your purchase at, you can request a
refund within 7 Days from purchase. However, you must have a valid reason for the refund wanted in
agreement to our conditions and condition as stated on our website.
All amounts owed by the client to DMC Digital Marketing for Services rendered prior to the
confirmed cancellation particular date must be paid completely. There will be no prorating for partial
months throughout the Agreement. Due to account security and privacy concerns, all billing related
questions and cancellation requests MUST be made in writing or via email.
Cancellation requests is only going to be processed if created by the original authorizing party and if
received in writing. There will be no refund of any monies for any cancellation demands made after the
cooling off period of 7 days from the date of order.
For security and training purposes, all calls inbound and outbound through DMC Digital Marketing
Customer Support Care are digitally recorded and the recordings form a part of the verbal deal between
DMC Digital Marketing and the client.
To request a refund please contact us at or you can email us at:, within the timeframes provided above. Please add your Transaction id
Number, and other business deal details provided to you in your documented email during purchase, for
us to immediately issue your refund and optionally reveal to us that why you’re asking for a refund. We
take comments from customers very seriously and make use of it to constantly improve our products
and quality of service.