Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising

  • Full Service Solutions Made To Order

    Integrated solutions that follow best practices.
  • PPC

    PPC can bring tremendous reward with very little investment but lets face it,  it is a complicated process for the uninitiated. Getting a website setup to do Pay Per Click advertising presents a minefield of potential pitfalls.  Theres a lot of money at stake and you need it done right.  You’ve come to the right place.  Won’t it be nice to have a team of experts looking out for you and your brand.


  • Real Time Conversion Metrics.

    Custom dashboards show you exactly what each lead is worth and how much it cost you.Never again wonder what’s going on with your ad budget.

  • Turn it on and off at will.

    Something come up?  Don’t worry.  You can stop and start your campaign anytime to avoid missing valuable leads.   Do it right from your phone whenever you need.

Website design, hosting, social network optimization, graphic design, SEO, SEM, PPC, Reporting, Shopping carts, DNS, Blogs, Email,  and state of the art voice systems made to order.
As a Google Partner and Amazon MSP, we fully manage customers’ Google and AWS-based infrastructure, associated databases, and applications. 
  • Putting order to your chaos.

    It takes marketing vision and technical excellence to bring order to your chaotic online presence. DMC is up to the task.

  • We’re a one-stop-shop.

    As experts with websites, optimization, online advertising, and consulting you can rest assured we’ll get your online presence in shape.